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A frozen beverage and ice cream making equipment without specially developed sealing solutions is like summer without sunshine: Something essential is missing. This application combines the requirements of a mixer, cooling unit and aggressive sugars – flexibility, mechanical stability and temperature resistance are needed – as is hygienic perfection: Fats, acids and different flavors in the same unit challenge are huge challenges for any sealing material. So do you break out into a sweat when you have to choose seals for your products? Stay cool.

What We Can Do For You

We’ve developed the Simmerring® Radiamatic HTS II 9539, a specialized rotary shaft seal for hygienically demanding processes that involve contact with food and beverages. This dead-space-free option is easy to clean and complies with hygienic design standards. Even standard parts such as O-rings and precision-molded parts benefit from our expertise in materials: Whether it is Freudenberg EPDM, the flavor specialist Fluoroprene XP® or our unique low temperature FKM – there’s an ideal solution for your specific requirements. These materials also carry FDA, NSF 51, NSF 61, EG/1935 along with 3-A for dairy. 

Why choose the F&B sealing experts?

Material Competence

The food and beverage industry with its special demands regarding hygiene and process security requires a sealing expert providing extended market know-how and material competence.

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Chemical Resistance


Still lost in spreadsheets?
Just a few clicks and you know which material is resistant to which process media.

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Do you have a question? Would you like an expert consultation on the sealing solution that best meets your requirements? Would you like a concrete offer? We look forward to meeting you.

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New: The Chemical Resistance Guide

Still lost in spreadsheets? Just a few clicks and you know which material is resistant to which chemical. And soon, there will be another big surprise for you.

O-Ring Configurator

With its web-based O-ring Configurator, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is setting a new standard in the configuration of O-rings. The main objective of the new tool is the optimal combination of the O-ring and the installation space to guarantee secure sealing.


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Sealing solutions specially developed for the process industry in accordance with hygienic design and materials with industry-specific approvals.


Material Property Sheet


As a universal sealing element, the O-ring is a sealing component used in all industrial sectors. It is characterized by its excellent price-performance ratio and broad range of applications.
The Radiamatic® HTS II is a special PTFE variant of the Simmerring® product group. This high-performance radial shaft seal sets standards in the sealing of rotating shafts and spindles.