Market Specific Services

market Specific



Market-specific Services

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies provides market-specific sealing solutions and related services, tailored to your needs.
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers customized services – ranging from product-related services, such as damage analyses, product marking, special designs and friction optimization, to logistical services, such as single packaging, kitting and express deliveries. Our product and material experts also offer valuable consulting services.

Your services

  • Freudenberg Xpress
  • Laser-marking technology
  • Field tests on your own test equipment
  • Damage analyses
  • Logistics services – local warehousing, individual packaging, kitting, color marking and more
  • Resistance testing
  • Hygienic design
  • Material development
  • Product development
  • Friction optimization



A clean solution: The CIP/SIP-Guide

Matching the right cleaning agent to the right sealing materials can take hours – or just a few clicks: The exclusive Freudenberg CIP/SIP Guide helps you pick the right cleaning agents for your seals, or choose the right materials for your cleaning processes. Smart, fast and easy.

Ask the F&B Experts

Do you have a question? Would you like an expert consultation on the sealing solution that best meets your requirements? Would you like a concrete offer? We look forward to meeting you.

Further information for you

O-Ring Configurator

With its web-based O-ring Configurator, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is setting a new standard in the configuration of O-rings. The main objective of the new tool is the optimal combination of the O-ring and the installation space to guarantee secure sealing.


Plastic - Burden and Breakthrough

In the new edition of our magazine ESSENTIAL, we look at plastics as a cause of a global trash problem and as a multifaceted material that opens up a wide range of possibilities.


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