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Static Seals

Static Sealing Solutions

O-Rings, Clamp Seals, Hygienic Usit® and many more

Static Sealing Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Static sealing solutions are used for applications involving no or only a little movement between the sealing component and the surface. A distinction is made between static axial seals where the sealing occurs parallel to the seal center-line and static radial seals where the seal centerline is in a radial seal orientation.

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As universal sealing components, O-rings are used in nearly all industries and applications and offer an excellent price-performance ratio. Available in all elastomer materials, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ O-rings are suitable for many applications in the food and beverage industry. They are fully certified and meet all special requirements. Oval, rectangular, semicircular and x-shaped cross-sections are possible, in addition to round ones.

Product Benefits

  • Available in nearly all elastomers
  • Broad range of dimensions
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Universal use
  • Easy installation in small installation spaces

Clamp Seals

Freudenberg has developed clamp seals to cover a broad range of applications in the food and beverage industry. Available in numerous approved materials such as EPDM, Fluoroprene® XP and VMQ, the sealing elements withstand water, acids, fatty and aqueous media while preventing flavor transfer. Easy handling, high operating efficiency as well as economical production are further benefits of standardized clamp seals.

Product Benefits

  • Standardized sealing elements
  • Fast and easy assembly with no specific direction
  • Available quickly and economically

Download Flyer "Clamp Seals"


Gaskets are used when a static sealing of two surfaces is required and are commonly produced by cutting from sheets. They are inserted between two flanges to connect different parts like pipes, fittings, valves and pumps. Furthermore they often offset the macro unevenness between the different parts. Freudenberg offers a broad range of materials with excellent chemical resistance and certified materials to meet the requirements of the food and beverage Industry.

Product Benefits

  • Available in different approved materials
  • Broad range of different shapes
  • Easy and fast installation

Download Flyer "Flat Gaskets"

Hygienic Usit®

Freudenberg´s Hygienic Usit®, especially developed for the requirements of the process industry, establishes new purity standards in open and closed production processes. The elastomer bead is available in three tested and exclusively approved materials – all suitable for areas coming into contact with the process medium itself. The connection is available in the dimensions M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 and M16.

Product Benefits

  • Dead space free design to prevent contamination
  • EHEDG- and 3-A® Sanitary Standards-certified
  • Cleaning with CIP/SIP, WIP, COP, OPC and WOP process possible

Download Brochure "Product Line for Hygienic Plants in the Process Industry"

Download Flyer "Hygienic Usit®"

Dairy Couplings

Dairy Couplings

Dairy couplings can be installed very fast and with little effort. Additionally, frequent dismantling for cleaning purposes can be handled very easily. Our sealing solutions for pipes can vary from standard models to custom versions with lips or flat gaskets – available in all key materials for the food and beverage industry including EPDM , FKM, VMQ, PTFE, among many others. Due to their exceptional value, they have even been used in smaller facilities that are not continually in operation.

Product Benefits

  • Easy installation requiring little space
  • Available in nearly all elastomers
  • Broad range of dimensions
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
Hygienic Flange Seals

Hygienic Flange Seals for Customized Flanges

For the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries Freudenberg Sealing Technologies designs hygienic flange seals for customer-specific sealing grooves. Our tailor-made solutions enable hygienic sealing flush with the product. This means the flange seal neither protrudes into the product area, nor does it rebound.

There is a particularly proven design for special housings in the process industry. Thanks to unique FEM analyses, this offers optimized hygienic sealing in contrast to conventional flange seals. The high-performance flange seal also provides a very easy cleanable solution in non-rotationally symmetric systems and standard housings. The material variants, such as EPDM or HNBR, show high resistance to CIP/SIP cleaning media (cleaning in place/sterilization in place) and meet the requirements of the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This makes this sealing solution the ideal candidate for demanding operating conditions in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

The experts at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies also offer advice on the design of the seal groove. After all, with the proper seal groove, the seal can be installed in a way that prevents leakage. Here, it is important to pay attention to a metallic compression limitation and centering. Thanks to the wide range of research and development possibilities at Freudenberg and the company’s extensive product and materials expertise, the respective sealing solution can be tailored to the desired application, including hygienic flange seals.

Product Benefits

  • Optimization of customer-specific, hygienic sealing using the Finite Element Method
  • Resistance to CIP/SIP cleaning media
  • Materials comply with FDA requirements
  • Very easy to clean, even in non-rotationally symmetrical systems and standard housings

Download Flyer "Sealing Solutions for Pipe Connections"

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