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So you think door frame gaskets in commercially used ovens and microwaves aren’t subject to demanding conditions? Let’s take a look: These machines run all day long. Their doors are opened and closed countless times and have to endure extremely high temperatures, massive temperature differences and mechanical forces. Keeping hot air inside is crucial to the unit’s energy efficiency and durability. And, of course, they have to meet hygienic regulations and facilitate quick, rigorous cleaning. Well, it might be a good idea to partner with experts in this field. Welcome to Freudenberg Sealing Technologies!

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The best solution is to use low pressure profiles for oven door gaskets from our specially formulated VMQ (silicone) and FKM materials, which offer temperature resistance as well as resistance against chicken fat and greases, compatibility with even the most aggressive cleaning media, and longevity. It is another one of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ high-performance, FDA-compliant sealing solutions – and a great alternative when conventional materials reach their limits.

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