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Sealing Solutions for Ovens

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers premium low-pressure profiles for ovens. Oven and microwave doors are opened and closed countless times a day. Plus, extremely high temperatures, large temperature differences and mechanical forces pose real challenges when it comes to sealing. The doors need to be tightly sealed to prevent hot air from escaping and affecting energy efficiency and longevity. What's more, all seals used can come into direct contact with food, which means that all materials need to be food-compliant.

Some cleaning processes can be very aggressive to ensure that all residues, such as fat, are removed. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is the right partner for delivering high-quality sealing solutions that are able to cope with all these challenges.

Our specially developed vulcanization process for profiles ensures the uniform quality of the seal and flexibility in producing different sizes. The premium seals are available in VMQ and FKM. The special composition of the seal prevents the door from sticking to the seal and damaging it. This ensures that the seal lasts for a long time and guarantees smooth opening and closing of the door.

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