Separators, Decanters and Homogenizers

Sealing Solutions for Separators, Decanters and Homogenizers

Separators and decanters isolate the ingredients of fluids and solids, while homogenizers micronize the particles of the fluids to obtain a homogenous emulsion. They all have one thing in common: the applications require special sealing solutions that are able to withstand the aggressive media, pressures and mixtures involved.

Seals in separators and decanters also need to cope with high speeds from the centrifugal forces. In decanters, the components moving axially against each other under very high pressure need to be securely sealed.

The appropriate sealing solutions range from high-quality plastics such as polyamidesPTFE and PEEK, to premium elastomers like EPDM and Fluoroprene® XP. Nearly all materials used here have Chinese, American and European approvals to ensure maximum food safety standards.

The hardness of the material needs to be selected to suit the load and process media. For extreme mechanical loads, such as those found in the media-holding area of separators, polyamide is often used as a sealing material.

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